Audio Branding Awards 2015 Sponsor: Pro Sound Effects

We are pleased to welcome Pro Sound Effects as returning sponsor of the Audio Branding Awards.
Fourth year Pro Sound Effects is donating the Pro Sound Effects Master Library, a complete sound effects solution worth more than $10,000 USD, as part of the Audio Branding Award.

Until December 31th 2014, Pro Sound Effects offers 100 units of the Hybrid Library to Freelance Sound Designers at a special price of  $1,500 USD. The Hybrid Library provides more than 50,000 effects on hard disk and more than 200,000 online.

Award Jury Member Paulo Dytz

ABA introduces the first member of the 2015 Awards jury:


Paulo Dytz

Paulo Dytz is the owner of B Sound Thinking, musician, music producer, public relations manager, but considers himself a Sound Thinker. He created a methodology, titled Sound Thinking, where the focus is to think strategically the sound to create value brands, regardless of the point of contact. Paulo has nearly 15 years of experience in developing sound projects for major brands such as Petrobras, Coca-Cola, GM, Tim, Hi, Kraft Foods, Olympikus, Renner Stores, Grendene, Tramontina, Wall Mart, RBS Group, Johnson & Johnson, Iguatemi, among other. He won several national and international awards, among them Cannes, Wave Festival, the Silver Audio Branding Awards 2013 / Moscow, EL OJO Grand Prix in 2013 / Buenos Aires Grand Prix in Weeby Awards / 2014 and finalist in 2014 Clio Music / NY.

In the podcast, Paulo talks about projects he is currently working on, gives his thoughts regarding technical innovations and digital media and let us know what he considers important developments and trends in audio branding amongst others.