Wiener Linien Best Practice Case 2015 – Podcast

‘Wiener Linien Sound Branding’ was selected by the Award Jury as Best Practice Case 2015 and will compete for the GOLD, SIlVER, BRONZE and the AUDIENCE Award at the Audio Branding Awards 2015.

“…In 2012, Wiener Linien started a sound project to improve the quality of Vienna public transportation service. The aim was to inform the passengers in a more pleasant and clear way as well as to find a distinct audio identity. The focus was placed on the announcements and its speaker voice as well as the gong architecture. The sound concept evolves around Vienna’s defining audio motif: The Vienna waltz. The “Donauwalzer” and its 6/8 rhythm were the main musical inspiration for the 4-tone sound logo and the sound spectrum used in on-hold tunes, etc…”

In this podcast Herwig Kusatz and Alexander Wodrich talk about the case that they will present on Award Day in Berlin.

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