Audio Branding Academy Team


The Audio Branding Academy is based on the commitment of young idealists and their passion for auditive brand communication. All events since 2009 could have never taken place without the support of a gracious team of audio branding, corporate design and music experts.



Kai Bronner, managing partner

Kai Bronner studied media economics and graduated (graduate engineer) with a diploma thesis about audio branding in 2004. Since then, Kai Bronner gained experience in the field of audio branding, sound communication, sound design and has been supervising research projects on sound and crossmodal effects. In 2007 and 2009, he became the editor and author of two compilation books about Audio Branding. In 2009, Kai founded with his fellows Cornelius Ringe and Rainer Hirt the Audio Branding Academy in Hamburg. In addition to his general interest in music, his main research interests include sound communication, sound design, sound & multisensory connections.


Dr. Cornelius Ringe, initiator and senior partner

Cornelius Ringe is Senior Partner of the Audio Branding Academy. He studied business admin¬≠istration at the University of Augsburg with major in advertising psychology and gained his PhD with his dissertation about “Brand Artist Partnerships” at Humboldt University Berlin. After some experience in music business at Universal Music, he first worked as brand consultant at the audio consulting group. Afterwards he was consultant at Jung von Matt/brand identity. In 2009 Cornelius founded with his fellows Kai Bronner and Rainer Hirt the Audio Branding Academy in Hamburg. Since 2013 he is also responsible for Business Development at Berlin/Hamburg based sound branding agency WESOUND. As guest lecturer Cornelius introduced audio branding as subject at several universities, such as Humboldt University Berlin or Uni¬≠versity of Popular Music and Music Business Mannheim.



Birgit Elke, project manager



Andreas Pysiewicz, chief technology officer



Dr. Klaus Frieler, senior researcher



Christoph Anzenbacher, head of AUDIO LOGO DATABASE