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1 Workshop for one person: 300,- EUR plus 19% VAT
2 Workshops for one person: 500,- EUR plus 19% VAT

Payments can be made by wire transfer or PayPal – no credit cards.

Included is a ‘Sesssions Only Ticket’ of the Reeperbahnfestival

Access to all sessions (keynotes, talks, panels, workshops), access to the Reeperbahn Festival Lounge, access to the Delegates Database. NOT included: access to concerts and showcases, networking events, shows (e.g. Ray’s Reeperbahn Revue), film or literature, no access to local public transportation.

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Workshop 1: Royalties, Rights and the Art of Creating Legally Compliant Sound-alikes
Workshop 2: Sound of E-Mobility. What if your Porsche has no sound anymore?
Workshop 3: What is Audio Branding? Basics – History – Practice Cases
Workshop 4: Designing Interactive Sonic Identities: Potentials, Challenges, Methods


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