About ABA

About the Audio Branding Academy


The Audio Branding Academy was founded in Hamburg in February 2009. It is the first and only institution to globally promote a sophisticated and responsible use of sound and silence within branding efforts.

The Audio Branding Academy annually decorates best practice cases and presents awards to outstanding audio branding projects. As a central industry forum, it runs the Audio Branding Society, consisting only of approved audio branding agencies. This think tank possesses a strong, global network of experts and is constantly developing excellent competency clusters.

In cooperation with universities, the Audio Branding Academy offers educational enrichment and extended vocational training at different locations. Furthermore, it conducts its own market research and regularly publishes Yearbooks.

The Audio Branding Academy presents a profound market overview and lends corresponding support to companies looking for exceptional audio branding agencies. It provides agencies with a platform and offers them numerous academic services like contract research and white papers. The tool AUDIO LOGO DATABASE allows brands and agencies to research audio logos in a substantiated and comfortable way.

Throughout all its activities, the Audio Branding Academy aims for maximum transparency as well as the participation of all market players.

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