Audio Branding Barometer 2011

The Audio Branding Academy conducted the Audio Branding Barometer as an online study in September 2011. Their aim is to deliver valid and comparable market data for this industry every year.

In this year’s study we also asked for the attitude of the Audio Branding community towards scientific approaches. An overwhelming majority of the participants entertain a strongly positive attitude. They mostly have a rational, strategic view of the audio branding process, which they believe in nearly perfect consensus can be enhanced by scientific results.

Moreover, the participants agreed in nearly full concordance that there should be more exchange between practitioners and scientists and that there is need for study courses in audio branding.

To the results of the Audio Branding Barometer 2011

Report Audio Branding Congress 2011

The third Audio Branding Congress took place in a full house at Columbia University New York City on November 17th. With this year’s motto “Stay Connected, Sound Global” the congress focused on new prospects of building brands on mobile devices by using sound. Highlighting the event was the distribution of the first Audio Branding Award, for which the audio consulting group was selected in creating the corporate sound of financial services company UBS.

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Audio Branding Congress 2011 Countdown

The 2011 Audio Branding Congress is just 10 days away, but there’s still time to be a part of this fascinating event!

“Stay Connected, Sound Global” is the motto of this year’s congress. The theme of the day will be mobile audio; presentations and speakers will focus on audio branding for mobile devices, applications, and emerging digital media. The Congress day will also consist of six impressive juryselected award case studies, a thought-provoking panel discussion and the first Audio Branding Award ceremony.

The whole program with abstracts of the presentations and information about the speakers is ready for download as PDF.

( ( ( Podcast 40 ) ) ) Tapio Hakanen

For the past three years Tapio Hakanen has been managing the sound design team at Nokia where he is responsible for the creation of Nokia’s audio brand assets and has been handling delivery of sounds to over one billion Nokia devices. Prior to this Tapio was working in the gaming world where he sound designed Disney’s virtual Disney World “VMK” to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

At the Audio Branding Congress 2011 Tapio will talk about the Evolution of Audio Branding in Mobile Devices at Nokia. In this podcast he tells us what he is going to talk about in his presentation amongst others.


( ( ( Podcast 38 ) ) ) Paulo Dytz

Paulo Dytz works in the advertising industry and holds a degree in Public Relations. He is a sound producer, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at B Sound Thinking: a Brazilian sound agency with expertise in audio advertising, audio interactive and audio branding.

At the Audio Branding Congress Paulo will present this case study Voice and Sound Logo for the Brand Airela nominated for the Audio Branding Award. In this podcast he tells us about his case, his company and about the importance of audio branding in general among others.

( ( ( Podcast 37 ) ) ) Waltraud Niemann

Waltraud Niemann is Head of marketing, ING-DiBa Austria, and was before Head of advertising department, Germany. She was responsible for the development of the new ING-DiBa audio branding. At the Audio Branding Congress Waltraud Niemann will present this case study DiBaDu – a Brand Promise Made Audible nominated for the Audio Branding Award.

In this podcast she tells us how she got involved in audio branding and explains how they approached the development of the new ING-DiBa brand sound.

( ( ( Podcast 36 ) ) ) Herwig Kusatz

Herwig Kusatz is a cosmopolitan not only at heart but also in everything he has been doing so far in his life. After graduating from an American High School, he spent some years in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, getting an education in Biomedical Engineering and a MBA in General Management and Strategy.

Herwig is founder of Sound Strategy and at the Audio Branding Congress he will present the case study Vienna Tourist Board – Sound Identity nominated for the Audio Branding Award. In this podcast episode Herwig gives us some background information about the case study, tells us about his company Sound Strategy and lets us know what he thinks about audio branding as an essential component in branding.

Opening Keynote by Martyn Ware (Sonic ID, Heaven 17)

Martyn Ware formed The Human League in 1978, production company/label British Electric Foundation and Heaven 17 in 1980.  As record producer and artist he has featured on recordings totaling over 50 million sales worldwide – producing Tina Turner, Terence Trent D’Arby, Chaka Khan, Erasure, Marc Almond and Mavis Staples, etc.

Martyn will present the opening keynote at the Audio Branding Congress 2011: The Future of Sonic Branding

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( ( ( Podcast 35 ) ) ) Zanna

At the Audio Branding Congress Zanna will present the case study Sabesp Sound Branding nominated for the Audio Branding Award. Zanna is a musical producer with a degree in Lyrical Singing. She was born in Rio de Janeiro and lived in Europe for ten years. In 2002, in New York, she grew tired of making music on demand and began studying Branding and developed her Sound Branding methodology. Back to Brazil, in 2007, she started Zanna Sound.

In this podcast we asked Zanna about her case Sabesp, what she expects from the Audio Branding Award as well what her predictions for the future of audio branding are.