Jury member ISA2018: Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen as a member of the ISA2018 jury.

Daniel Müllensiefen studied Systematic Musicology, Historic Musicology and Journalism at the universities of Hamburg (Germany) and Salamanca (Spain). He did his doctoral dissertation in Systematic Musicology on memory for melodies at the University of Hamburg. Since 2006 he has been working at Goldsmiths, University of London, now a Reader in Psychology and co-director of the Master’s course in Music Mind and Brain. In 2010 he was appointed as Scientist in Residence with the London-based advertising agency adam&eveDDB where he acted as a consultant and researcher, mainly on questions regarding the role of music in advertising and other commercial settings. In 2016 he received the prestigious Anneliese-Maier research prize from the Humboldt foundation and since then he is also affiliated with the Hochschule für Musik in Hannover.

Jury member ISA2018: Dr. Klaus Genuit

We are pleased to announce Dr. Klaus Genuit as member of the International Sound Awards jury.

Klaus Genuit received his PhD in 1984. He developed a new, improved binaural measurement system for the advanced diagnosis and analysis of sound. He founded the company HEAD acoustics GmbH 1986 which is today a leading contributor in areas of binaural signal processing, sound design and analysis, virtual reality, and telecommunication measurements. Klaus Genuit has published more than 300 scientific papers. He is a member of various associations, such as AES, JAES, JSAE, SAE, DEGA and ASA where he was elected as a fellow in 2004. He participates in several working groups dealing with the standardization of measurement regulations and psychoacoustic parameters. He has participated in different EU-supported research all of them focusing on improving sound quality of vehicle exterior noise. More than 15 years ago he started his investigations with respect to soundscape. Klaus Genuit is honorary professor at the RWTH Aachen University. He has established the HEAD-Genuit-Foundation at 2008.

Jury member ISA2018: Baerbel Unckrich

Welcome Baerbel Unckrich as jury member of the International Sound Awards 2018.

Baerbel Unckrich ist Senior Editor Creativity at HORIZONT, a trade magazine for Marketing, Advertising and Media. In this role she writes about the whole spectrum of commercial creativity, trending topics and serves as a juror and visitor of major national und international festivals of creativity. She is part of the HORIZONT team for almost 18 years now. Beside this she works as a Freelancer covering various aspects of creativity, innovation and lifestyle.

Jury member ISA2018: Dr. Daniel Hug

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Daniel Hug from Switzerland as a jury member. An expert in interaction and game sound design, Daniel has a focus on innovation and technology in sound and music education.

Since the late nineties, Daniel Hug is exploring sound and interaction design through artistic installations, design works and research. He is teaching sound studies and sound design in Interaction and Game Design and is a member of the executive team of the new MA Sound Design at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland. Hug is also lecturer and researcher at the chair for music education at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland, with a focus on innovation and interactive technology in sound and music education. Hug is visiting lecturer for interaction and game sound at various Universities in Switzerland, Austria and Finland and holds a doctorate from the University of the Arts and Industrial Design Linz. As founder of the sound design and consulting company “Hear Me Interact!” and as member of the steering committee of “Audio Mostly – Conference on Interaction with Sound”, his aim is to further contribute to the investigation and creation of the “sounds of tomorrow”.


Jury member ISA2018: Dr. Michael Haverkamp

A warm welcome to Michael Haverkamp as member of the International Sound Awards jury.

Michael Haverkamp works as an expert on cross-sensory product harmonization at the Ford Development Centre, Cologne, Germany. Born 1958 in Gütersloh, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, he focussed on psychological and technical acoustics during his studies of electrical engineering at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. He has long-term experience in product development, acoustics engineering and multi-sensory design, and studies of cross-modal perception, the arts and music. He has had previous teaching assignments and been invited to lectures at various universities (e.g. the Köln International School of Design KISD). He has numerous publications and presentations on multisensory implications of sound: movement represented by sound, multisensory references of music, sound as element of multisensory design and branding, visualization of music and sound, contribution of touch sound on perception of surfaces, synaesthesia stimulated by sound.

Jury member ISA2018: Matthias Strobel

We are pleased to announce Matthias Strobel as member of the ISA2018 jury.

Matthias Strobel is a serial entrepreneur and innovation enabler who bridges the worlds of music and technology. In 2011, he co-founded the meanwhile international recognized and multiple awarded music-tech startup Nagual Sounds, which developed a worldwide unique technology for generative audio that can translate any kind of data streams into tonal musical structures in real-time. Opening a whole new world for adaptive, interactive music experiences. Together with other smart minds, he started the project Creative Coding School to teach socially disadvantaged people skills in emerging technologies, such as robotics and IoT. His passion for music and the great possibilities of new technologies led him to join Music Tech Fest in spring 2016 for which he worked until December 2017. Matthias Strobel has founded the world’s first Federal Association of Music Technology, MusicTech Germany last year and just recently founded the creative-tech innovation catalyst WickedWork.

Jury member ISA2018: Ruth Simmons

Welcome Ruth Simmons to the International Sound Awards 2018 Jury.

Ruth Simmons is the CEO of Songseekers International Ltd (SSI). Established by Ruth in 1980, SSI was the first company in Europe to address the ways that the advertising industry and brands used music in their advertising. In 1992 SSI set up soundlounge, the first dedicated creative research facility for Ad Agencies. Over the ensuing years and a rebrand (SSI now trading as soundlounge (www.soundlounge.co.uk)), Ruth has continued to pioneer new areas of sound and music application in relation to synchronisation which included writing a new insurance with Hiscox Insurers for users. At the ‘end of the last century’, she began to ask the question – ‘If you know what your brand looks like – do you know what it sounds like?’ In 2015, Music Week honoured her with ‘Outstanding Contribution to Sync’, in acknowledgement of her pioneering thinking and her contribution to establishing a synchronisation industry.  This award has never previously or since been given to any individual or company.

Jury member ISA2018: Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg

We are very pleased to announce our jury member Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg, the “father” of mp3.

Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg has been a driving force behind some of today’s most innovative digital audio technology, notably the mp3 and MPEG audio standards. He is acclaimed for pioneering work in digital audio coding and psychoacoustics.

His honors include the AES Silver Medal, the IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronic Award, the German Future Award, which he shared with his colleagues and the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Furthermore he is member in the Hall of Fame of the Consumer Electronics Association.

In April 2014, Brandenburg was inducted as an innovator into the Internet Hall of Fame. He holds three honorary Ph.D. degrees. Dr. Brandenburg holds about 100 patents. He is a professor at the Institute for Media Technology at Technische Universität Ilmenau and director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Ilmenau, Germany.

Jury member ISA2018: Rainer Hirt

Once again, Rainer Hirt is part of the jury of the International Sound Awards. As a renowned expert, Rainer has a wide range of experience in audio branding and functional sounds.

Studies in communication design at the University of Appliance Science, Konstanz (Master of Arts). Co-Founder of audity, a company specialised in functional sounds for brands and products. Author and co-producer of the compendium »Audio Branding«. Rainer is supervising various research projects with several universities and has been, since 2008, juror of the international Red Dot Design Award. Lecturer for Audible Design at the HTWG Konstanz.

Jury member ISA2018: Emma Rodero

We are very pleased to present the first jury member of the International Sound Awards 2018: Emma Rodero. We will announce more members in the days to follow.

Emma Rodero is a researcher and professor in the Department of Communication at Pompeu Fabra University UPF (Spain), PhD. in Communication, PhD. in Psychology, Master in Pathology of Voice and Master in Psychology of Cognition. She obtained a Marie Curie fellowship (European Union) to conduct research in US about cognitive processing of radio commercials. She is author of more than ten books and fifty scientific papers about radio. Rodero usually teaches Public Speaking and Sound Advertising at UPF. She has over a decade of experience in the radio industry. She is currently a voice-over artist and has received awards for some radio dramas.


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